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Break free from the daily grind and start Unlocking Your Worth.
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What's important to us?

Working our own schedule, at our own pace.

Pursuing Financial Independence

Finding peace through work life balance

Being part of a team of professionals with the same goals.

Making a Difference


Why Partner with us?

Our team is dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their financial and personal aspirations. Through our support, numerous individuals have attained financial independence, all while retaining flexibility in managing their personal schedules.

Our team members hail from a range of backgrounds including healthcare, fitness, law enforcement, corporate spheres, and entrepreneurship, all united by a shared passion for mentoring and helping others reach their goals.

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There is no true freedom without

time freedom, and there is no time

freedom without financial freedom.

We are a group of motivated team players helping people find Freedom in all aspects of their lives. Here are our Stories...

Seville and Rachaell Ko

Hi Seville Ko and my wife and Rachaell are founders of the Create your Freedom movement! Today we are parents of 4 kids under 6 years old. To start with the end in mind, our goal was to be able to have freedom to home school our kids and truly be autonomous to the system and control our future.

We tried a bunch of different businesses, all with the same pattern of short-term success only to witness it all fall apart despite our efforts. 5 years ago I found the sweet spot. I identified the right partnership with an E-Commerce Wellness Company leveraging American made products with decades of great track record and high reorder rate.

We brought our work ethic, leadership, systems and the rest has been history. If you have a family, a desire to win, coachable and have a real passion to help others, you found the right team."

-Rachaell and Seville Ko

Tanya Hagre

"Hi there! My name is Tanya Hagre. After 10 years in health care and corporate America, I thought I was doing everything right, including completing my Masters...only to find myself stuck with nowhere to grow and only a 2% raise. I knew I wanted to spend more time with my husband and our two pups. I wanted to be making a bigger impact than my current situation allowed.

Since starting with this team I have been able to build a lifestyle I love and I decided to give myself a raise! That control is everything. 💪🏻

I've cleared up our finances, my husband got to walk away from corporate as well, and we've moved across the country to escape the brutal Midwest winters...Best of all, I love the flexibility AND purpose this work allows us. I feel like I'm making an impact in public health and helping people achieve their dreams and goals in little ways every single day!"

-Tanya Hagre

Leah Melquist

"Hi there! I'm Leah Melquist, a mom and wife of 14 years. Not long ago, we were plagued by financial stress, working long hours, and taking on extra jobs, we longed for a change – a life where we could spend more time together and less time worrying about our finances.

In 2018, we were introduced to this team and it was the beginning of a new life for us. We are now home together full-time. Today, we enjoy financial security but also precious time with our family. This business was our gateway to freedom, allowing us recently to embark on a two-year road trip across the US with our kids, creating memories we once only dreamed of.

Our journey is a testament to what's possible here."

-Leah Melquist

Jessi Harris

"My name is Jessi Harris. I’m a retired nurse practitioner and single mom to two boys ages 19 and 21. In 2018, I was working full-time as a nurse, going to school full-time, completing my masters to be a nurse practitioner, drowning in debt and praying for a way to pay for football fees.

I linked arms with the Create Your Freedom team, and in the pockets of time I was able to start taking control of my finances, creating more resources, and most importantly, a better life for my kids and I.

Fast forward to today and now I’ve retired from being a nurse practitioner and I’m remote full-time helping other families just like yours create more resources and time and most importantly live a great life with those they love most."

-Jessi Harris

Katie Anderson

"Hello my name is Katie Anderson and I am passionate about helping moms to be really great mama's all while living their dream to help the home financially.  My husband and I have been married for 19 years and we have two teenage boys.  I am a former Police Sergeant turned entrepreneur. I spent ten years in Law Enforcement and ultimately left my profession due to my son's health complications and my desire to be with them.

In one year of working with this awesome team, I was able to reach my goal of financial security and retire my husband from his 9-5.  When we are not traveling, you will find us at the hockey arena, on soccer fields, or at sporting events!

I am so grateful that I never have to miss a moment of watching my boys grow up because I took a chance on educating families on how I can save them time & money by bringing USA made products to their doorstep without breaking the bank!  Time goes way too fast so I didn't want to miss the chance to create a life where work-life balance, financial security, and the freedom to cherish your family is not only possible, but a reality!"

-Katie Anderson

Sara Montreuil

"My name is Sara Montreuil and I am the mom to three kids ages 7, 5, and 3 and I love being able to balance my life at home with them but also being able to help others do the same.

For 7 years I ran around trying to build a successful remote business to create the sustainable earnings and time freedom I was searching for all the while working full-time as an RN. I spent all those years trying to fake it until I make it only to put my family in a deep hole. After maxing out many credit cards and borrowing my husband and I had to humble ourselves and make tough choices. None of them were bigger than selling our first home and moving in with my parents and two kids while being pregnant with our third.

This platform gave us the ability to make these big decisions because we knew the opportunity we had. Fast forward, I retired from bedside nursing, and opened my own Medspa. My hubby has the ability to be at home and raise our kids and we’ve never been stronger and happier in our lives."

Sara Montreuil

Jenna Trudeau

"Hi, I'm Jenna Trudeau, a wife and mother to two young girls. My journey into wellness began in my early 20s when I took my holistic nutrition. I began fueling my passion to inspire others to take care of their health before they hustle, and that's where it all began.

Previously, I spent over seven years in sales, learning the value of hard work but also facing challenges, including the constant stress of feeling like a hamster in a wheel, lack of retention and sustainable earnings, which often kept me away from my family doing many events. I was searching for something that had more peace and certainty.

In July 2022, I made the pivotal decision to join with this team. This experience has been transformative for me and my family, bringing us peace, financial stability, and the confidence to help others realize their dreams are within reach."

-Jenna Trudeau

Kaylin Hobbs Murphy

"Welcome! My name is Kaylin Hobbs Murphy and I am a wife and mom who is all about health, fitness and freedom. With a background in fitness as well as marketing in corporate America, what we do here at Team Freedom was an answer to my prayers!

I was a single mom and sole provider for 10 years, and I began my journey in online business as a means to not only become financially secure but, even more importantly, to be there to raise my daughter. While I put my heart and soul into my first business, I never experienced any real success. I did all the right things—I just wasn’t in the right organization!

I whole-heartedly believed that I was meant to help others reach their goals, but they weren’t hitting theirs and I certainly wasn’t hitting mine. It was frustrating, to say the least! But I have BIG vision and I just knew there was something bigger and better that I could be a part of. Enter, Create Your Freedom!

Since joining our team in August of 2021, my family’s life is forever changed for the better. My skills and work ethic actually produce real results here—the kind of results we can truly count on. I believe we all deserve to win and I am on a mission to help everyone I can."

- Kaylin Hobbs Murphy

Chels and Sanj

"We met by fate on the dance floor in Cancun back in 2005 & quickly fell in love. Neither of us ones to take the conventional route of getting a collage degree & following a traditional career path, we started our own business early in our relationship with the vision of having a family and building a GREAT life.

Small business ownership however took over all of our waking hours & also took its toll on our health & happiness.. it seemed to be a never ending stress ball & not the life we wanted. A few years into that journey we were introduced to an MLM & became hooked on the concept of residual income and the freedom lifestyle it could provide. We wanted the time, money AND location freedom!!

However after pouring years of hard work, attending countless events, recruiting hundreds of people & investing thousands of dollars in.. we were barely getting by. Far from financial stability, let alone financial freedom, Sanj started driving LYFT to make ends meet. We were feeling completely defeated with 2 little girls to provide for & we began looking for a reliable business and true mentors who could show us the way to lasting success.

In 2018, we were introduced to this business and it was the beginning of a new life for us. We saw real numbers & strategies from honest mentors who were experiencing the success we desired. Broke, but not broken, we put all our faith and energy into finally breaking through. Today, we enjoy a stable, repeat income that has gifted us not only TRUE financial security but also allows us to be a full family. We now have 3 kids that we get to homeschool & never miss a moment of raising together. This business has been the answer to our prayers & allowed us to experience the life we have been dreaming of and chasing for so many years.

Our journey is a testament to what's possible here. If you're seeking a path to financial independence and more meaningful family time, you've come to the right place. Let's explore how this business can change your life, just as it did ours.."

-Chels and Sanj

Our mission is to unite a community of like-minded professionals on a collective journey towards a balanced life.